There are three active wineries in the Koksilah valley.

  •  Zanatta’s is the largest farm and the oldest winery, has the most charming younger children and an Italian ambiance.
  • Bluegrouse is the second oldest, very charming and makes wonderful germanic-style whites and a unique Black Muscat.
  • We were the new winery back in 1998 and working hard to stay experimental.
  • Echo Valley was open for four or five years but the owners returned to Europe and we do miss them. The new owners have no plans to reopen the winery.

If you click wineries on the Category  Cloud to the right, you will find more information on Zanatta and Blue Grouse.

At the moment (winter 2013-14) we are closed (except by appointment) and the same holds for Zanatta.  Blue Grouse shows the following on their web page.

October through March: Wednesday to Saturday, 12 pm – 4pm.

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