Zanatta: Vinoteca and Winery

Vigneti Zanatta Winery and Vineyards is the oldest active winery in the Koksilah valley.

The owners manage an excellent restaurant, Vinoteca, during the high season. It is now open for the smmer under Fatima’s excellent care. Please call for more information or group bookings – (250) 709-2279

Dennis Zanatta bought a farm here in the fifties and the family now has 30 acres devoted to wine grapes. There is no doubt that this is the farm which was first to grow grapes for wine on Vancouver Island and which is still active and which is still owned by the same family. A number of vineyards began legal operations in the same time frame once the Social Credit government allowed the registration of farmgate wineries, but the Zanatta’s definitely hold the title of first family.

The wine shop is open from spring to late autumn. All their wines are produced from grapes grown on their Glenora vineyard. Specializing in champagne-style wines, they also produce a number of popular white and red wines.

Contact information:
5039 Marshall Road, Duncan, B.C., V9L 6S3
Tel.: (250) 748-2338
Fax: (250) 748-2347


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There are a number of interesting places to stay right in the valley and even more in Cowichan–Koksilah Bay.

Since the Koksilah River is south of the Cowichan River, the village of Cowichan Bay is actually part of the Koksilah valley drainage system!

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