Glenora Store

A good range of groceries, plus snacks and pizza and gas. An old-fashioned general store (it even appeared in a movie), it’s a key element in the life of the Koksilah Valley. At the cross roads of Glenora and Marshall/Indian roads. Pleasant staff and useful information.

3630 Glenora Road, Duncan, B.C., V9L 6S3
Tel.: (250) 746-5313


For the moment, this post should arrive with every category of post. This is a blog designed to provide information about facilities in the Koksilah Valley.



There are a number of interesting places to stay right in the valley and even more in Cowichan–Koksilah Bay.

Since the Koksilah River is south of the Cowichan River, the village of Cowichan Bay is actually part of the Koksilah valley drainage system!

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