3905D Cadboro Bay

This image is of my grandfather and his farm on Cadboro Bay around about 1940 I estimate. Clifford is there to his right–so the war has started  but Clifford has not yet joined up nor is he married. The young  of child in the picture is most likely one of my cousins, a son of Norah who was a sister of Clifford. She is married to John Henry an RCMP officer. So the child is also John Henry.

Note how prosperous the farm is and how rural Cadboro Bay still is. The stooked hay is for the Jersy cow that provided them milk, butter and cheese. The small building to the left is the chicken coop. With fish and clams from the ocean as required they had little to purchase except salt, tea and flour.

The pile of firewood is all from driftwood that floated into the bay. More than enough for the winter ahead.

I would have first visited the farm a year or so after this image was recorded. By then, Clifford would be married and in the air force and off defending Britain.

UCC farm pic

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